Commercial / Domestic Laundry

Is the weekly wash a big job for you ?

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Too many clothes to handle at the same time ?

Looking for reliable laundry services for your company ?

Sydney Laundry is the right one to help you out. Just drop off your laundry at our store and we will take care of everything from washing, drying and ironing.

We offer competitive rate for all commercial and domestic laundry. Whether they are jeans, shorts, T-shirts, pyjamas, school or work uniform and household textiles such as bed linen and towels, we are able to take care of them effectively within a short period of time.

Our laundry services include stain removal, cleaning, hand pressing, minor mending, inspection and packaging. All items will be processed with caution and we pay attention to all the details.

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If you are looking for fast, reliable and friendly commercial / domestic laundry services, contact us now on 02 9281 3000 or 0438 331 004.